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If you are an open minded thinker, religious or non-religious, and are willing to go against the grain of traditional views, this Blog is for you. Religion can be a positive influence in people’s lives, and in the culture, but often isn’t. Why is that? What can be done about it? What are the ways it can be positive and constructive? How do people of faith interface with the great issues of our time? What do churches need to do to come into the 21st century with a message that is Christian, but also humble and respectful of other traditions?

These are the kind of questions I will be discussing here. I will also be posting excerpts from a series of four E-books I am writing on the theme, “Big Enough for the World.” If the excerpts intrigue you, you will be able to purchase each book in the series at Amazon.com at a price so low you cannot lose even if you find out you don’t like what I have to say.

Better than that, you will also have a chance to post your own comments at the end of each Blog. I will take them seriously, and will address any issues you raise that would further the discussion. You can also receive an email notice whenever there is something new to read by clicking on Follow Blog via Email.

So welcome to linnposts.com!

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