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Have you heard?

The sky is falling, the sky is falling, for real this time. You see, every single member of the current Supreme Court is as crooked as a snake, bought and paid for by Donald Trump.

At least, that is what I’m hearing.

When Trump gets his next nominee confirmed before the election, she will only add to the number of unprincipled, dishonest, oath betraying justices that now control our country.

That’s why he knows that when he challenges ballots cast legally in battleground states, their legality won’t matter to 6 out of the 9 justices who will rule on his case. They will just name him President anyway.

It’s all but a fait accompli. Justice is all but dead in America because the conservative members of the court are Republican sycophants who will do everything in their power to undo justice in this country, starting with allowing Trump to use them to get a second term even when he loses the election legitimately.

This is the picture liberal columnists and everybody on MSNBC I have seen in the last week are painting of what is going to happen after November 3rd.

And frankly, it’s making me sick, sick to my heart and close to sick to my stomach.

I am ashamed that liberals have become parrots of the extreme voices among us who want us to believe Trump is going to stay in office because the Supreme Court is going to allow him to steal the election.

Think about what that means.

It impugns the integrity of all five current conservative justices as if they have no allegiance to the Constitution, don’t believe in fair and honest elections, and have no commitment to rendering decisions they believe are consistent with constitutional law.

I just don’t believe that and I am as politically and religiously liberal as a progressive can be. Anyone who knows me personally knows that about me.

But the current political cases being constructed about Senate Republican hypocrisy seem to assume they are doing what they are doing because they believe solidifying the current conservative majority on the court will produce a win for Trump regardless of what actually happens.

That is a bridge too far for me.

Will we see decisions by a conservative majority in the coming months that will make me as mad as hell, will cause me to rant and rave, will make me want to scream bloody murder?


But I hope I am sane enough to know that such decisions reflect a difference in what they think the Constitution says rather than the result of them being anti-women, anti-black, anti-democracy, callous, uncaring human beings.

John Roberts did a monumental disservice to our democracy when he said corporations are people. He was inexcusably naïve when he wrote that pre-clearance for states with a history of racial discrimination was no longer needed.

But he wasn’t trying to give corporations a chance to rule our democracy, and he wasn’t supporting states that have been trying to block voting rights since his ruling.

He made two very bad decisions because he believed he was right, end of story.

Has he been proven wrong? I certainly think so. Maybe he now thinks so, too. But I am not going to accuse him of being an unprincipled conservative just like Mitch McConnell because he made decisions I don’t like.

Throughout history we have witnessed the awesome responsibility of being a Supreme Court justice change people in ways that have served our nation. Nothing in our system of government is quite like it.

It is true that the Court has made some awful decisions like Dred Scott of 1857 that were not only wrong, but immoral, but over its long history the Supreme Court has nonetheless earned the respect it currently holds in the eyes of the American people.

That is what makes me believe liberals are playing with fire when we suggest or even hint that Trump will have his way with the Supreme Court and retain power simply because the conservative majority is as unprincipled and immoral as he is.

I see that attitude as offering de factor support for Trump’s efforts to discredit the results of the election we are depending on to end his reign of terror over our democracy.

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