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The tributes paid to former President George H. W. Bush reminded us that there was a time when Presidents knew the sacred obligations they had as the nation’s chief representative of all that is good about America.

He was a humble man whose singular desire was to put the country first.

Presidents before and after him did the same thing, whether we agreed with their policies or not.

Then an ego-centric Donald Trump was elected and that changed, proving every day since he was inaugurated that he does not possess the capacity to put anyone or anything before himself.

I believe this is the reason a pall is covering the nation right now, the reason the spirit of hope that once sustained us as a people has waned.

Nothing Trump has done in two years suggests he can be trusted to do anything for the sake of the country and that is what is so damaging and damning to the office he holds.

It is almost impossible to respect the presidency when the man who occupies the position makes you feel ashamed that he does.

I did not support either George H. W. or W Bush when they ran for President, nor do I believe they were good Presidents once elected.

But it never crossed my mind that they were consumed with themselves and had no desire to do what they believed was right for the country

Donald Trump is consumed with himself, and has shown no capacity to do what is right for the country.

The word “travesty” literally means a “grossly inferior imitation,” and that is what we have in Donald Trump as President.

Yet, there was light in this darkness this week as we focused on the kind of man George H. W. Bush was, reminding us that Trump is an aberrational President, not the rule.

That light shines much brighter now that Democrats will control the House for the next two years.

And the nation’s spirit will begin to rise as we soon see the significance of having a counter-balance to this awful man whose incompetence is exceeded only by his moral depravity.

There is an old adage that says you don’t appreciate what you have until you no longer have it.

I was reminded of how true that is as the nation paused to celebrate the life of a man of genuinely admirable character who once sat where Trump sits.

I am determined never to forget it again.

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