It’s been hiding in plain sight. I’m talking about why the people who support Donald Trump continue to do so.

By their own admission they believe the ends justify the means.

“I feel he’s done a marvelous job,” a Trump supporter in Ohio said in a recent interview, adding the clincher, “I can’t stand his personality and behavior.”

Another man in the same interview said, “So I don’t really care what the president says. He’s a crude guy. It’s embarrassing. But what he’s done is what he said he was going to do.”

You can’t say it any plainer than either of these men did. When it comes to supporting Trump, the ends justify the means.

Evangelicals have been saying this for years, as I show in my book about them. It doesn’t matter what kind of person a politician is, especially Trump. All that matters is that he supports their goals and they support his.

Trump himself admits this is how he thinks. When Leslie Stahl asked him on 60 Minutes last Sunday night about making people laugh at Christine Blasey Ford by mocking her at a rally in Mississippi, he replied that had he not done so “we would not have won,” referring to the Kavanaugh vote.

Other presidents have justified a particular action by the goal they were trying to achieve, but Trump has made it official policy. It is the guiding philosophy of his administration because that is how he has done business all is life.

The most outrageous example is his family separation policy, something the White House is still trying to implement without creating another public furor. Why? Because they still believe it reduces illegal immigration (Google Stephen Miller to see what I’m talking about).

There is no evidence that it does, but let’s suppose for a minute that Trump is right. What he is saying is that abusing infants and children of all ages by taking them from their parents is justified because it might discourage others from coming here.

That is about as sick a way of thinking as I can imagine, but Trump and his administration think this way all the time.

And that means every person who supports him supports it. They may not think they do, but they do. You can’t have part of Trump without having all of him.

But let’s carry the ends justifying the means attitude to its logical conclusion on a personal level.

Let’s say that one of the men mentioned earlier has a son who plays high school football, but finds out the boy is taking an illegal steroid (actually common today) to get bigger and faster.

He confronts his son and asks why he is doing such a thing.The son replies, “Why are you so upset? You know I have to have a football scholarship to go college, Division II at minimum. That means I have to be bigger and faster by my senior year.”

“I don’t care,” the father says, “that doesn’t justify doing this.”

“I don’t understand,” his son replies. “You’re the one who told me I needed to make getting a scholarship my goal and then do what I needed to do to get one.”

“But I didn’t mean doing this.”

“Wait a minutes,” the son says. “You’re doing the same thing. Last night at supper you said you support Donald Trump even though you don’t like the kind of person he is. I get that. He took children away from their parents and put them in cages. We talked about it in American history class. Yet you still support him.”

“But that’s different,” the dad says.”

“Yeah?” the son responds, “Well, tell me how”


Knowing the kind of man Donald Trump is, how is supporting him anything other than letting ends justify means. Why wouldn’t a son or daughter take that to means it’s okay to do a bad thing for a good goal?

The answer is, they would, and I wish every Trump parent would realize it.

I wish all Trump supporters would.

I wish they could see that there is one major cause for the divisions in our nation and that reason is Donald Trump. When a leader believes ends justify means, it cannot be any other way.

I wish they believed that the values that have served as a beacon of light through our nation’s darkest times are under assault by a President who does not believe in them.

For the love of everything we believe and believe in, for the values we hold sacred, we must change the direction of our country in November.

I just wish Trump supporters believed this is what we need to do, that they would see that a man whose character is as flawed as Trump’s cannot provide the quality of leadership we need.

I wish they could see that anything they think Trump is doing right can also be done (and has) by someone else who has the character and temperament good presidents need.

Above all, I wish they could understand this…that because of the kind of person he is, the issue with Trump will never be about what he might be able to do for us as a our country. It will, instead, always be what he is doing to us as a people.