Today is the release of my new book (Unbinding Christianity: Choosing the Values of Jesus over the Beliefs of the Church) I wrote about in my last blog earlier this week. Amazon has listed the book at $25.17, which is a mistake. It should be $16.95. My publisher is in contact with them now. I am very dismayed that on the day of its release they would make such a blunder. This morning you could get it from Amazon at the correct price via other sources listed on the page, but now they won’t even let you do that. Something is very messed up. If you pre-ordered, you are okay because the price was correct until today. If you want to order it now, use B & N, some other store, or order it directly from my publisher by going to http://www.universal-publishers.com and type in my name and/or the title. 

Thank you for your patience and support.