The book by Republican consultant Rick Wilson entitled, Everything Trump Touches Dies, applies to men in general and not just Trump.

That’s why the advice I offered last time for men to shut up, sit down, and listen when it comes to women’s reproductive rights applies to other things as well.

The truth is hiding in plain sight. Our nation (and the world) needs men to take the time to learn from women.

That reality hit me again in the most unexpected way, watching the women’s college world series in fast pitch softball.

Joy and I have become fans of the Minnesota Gopher women’s college team that made it to the world series for the first time ever this year.

When they lost we continued to watch the series right up to the final game when UCLA beat the University of Oklahoma twice to win the crown.

If you have never seen women’s college softball, you are missing one of the great sports around. The women are amazing athletes, as good as any man could hope to be.

But here is the important thing. These young women know how to play the game at the highest level and at the same time have fun.

That is a lesson every male athlete could learn from, and every man when it comes to knowing how to live well.

These women would take an ill advised swing at a bad pitch and laugh at themselves for doing so…pitch one right down the middle that gets knocked out of the park and smile as teammates gathered at the mound to urge her to put it behind her.

Teammates in the dugout would cheer and make as much noise as they could when a batter would step to the plate.

They danced, beat metal benches with softballs, hand smacked metal banners hanging over the dugout railing, all with big smiles as they supported teammates at bat.

Just watching them was as much fun as the game was. Yet the quality of the play was superb.

Pitchers throwing the ball 76 miles an hour underhanded…two UCLA women hitting back to back home runs…an Oklahoma batter hitting a homer to tie the game in the top of the 7th inning, only to be followed by a UCLA batter hitting one to center field that drove in the winning run with two outs in the bottom of the 7th.

Talk about a great game, but it was all the fun players on both teams were having that was captivating. They acted like they knew it was actually just a game whose outcome one way or the other was not the end of the world.

It was obvious they wanted to win as much as any team wants to win, but they didn’t let that desire become the end of all things.

They kept things in perspective, showing respect for the women they played against the way they respected their own teammates.

I have no doubt that these are capable, talented, bright young women will go on to do great things with their lives and make the world a better place.

The reason lies in who they are, their level of maturity few men their age show, and some men never show.

Men have a problem with an inflated opinion of ourselves. That is why we have too many prima donnas.

We see it all the time in sports, but male prima donnas run businesses, teach in academia, hold political office, even serve in ministry.

The biggest prima donna in the world currently occupies the White House. He is so full of himself he fills up every room he walks into.

He is obnoxious because he never shuts up and never listens. He could learn a lot from women instead of demeaning them by treating them as sex objects or talking about them as if they are not his equal.

I think many white males like him because they’re just like him, smaller prima donnas treating women as sex objects or wishing their could control the ones in their lives.

The women we saw play could teach such men a lot about being emotionally mature enough to keep perspective on how to win and lose, how to take something seriously and have fun at the same time, how to smile in defeat, how not to get so full of themselves in victory.

It was a joy to watch, listen, and learn from all the women Joy and I saw play, including Minnesota even in their defeat.

I thought I was simply watching a game of softball, but I now realize that by watching how these young women acted I was learning some things that can make me a better man, something I am sure our nation could use more of right now.