As a Minnesota voter I would like to say to the Gang of Ten Democratic women Senators who led the effort to do in Senator Al Franken:

You are guilty of political tyranny and you should be the ones to resign.

Recently I heard Joe Biden say that he learned never to question people’s motives, but to focus on their actions.

With that in mind, I won’t speculate on why these women did what they did, though their motives do seem more than a little suspicious.

But I can and will call their actions totally un-American and reprehensible.

Why such a strong reaction?

Because they usurped the right of the people of Minnesota to determine Franken’s future.

It was a stunning show of arrogant elitism that has brought dishonor to the very Senate whose integrity these women claim they were protecting.

The people of Minnesota elected Al Franken to the Senate, and we should have been the ones to decide his future.

No one else, period.

The Gang of Ten justified their actions with the claim that they needed to say NO to a toxic culture that exploits women.

Minnesotans agree with the need to make women’s grievances public as part of the process of changing that culture.

What we reject is the right of anyone to usurp our right to elect whoever we damn well please to represent us in Congress.

You may hate our choice, even hate us for making it, but this country survives by a respect for the laws that govern us.

The actions of the Gang of Ten, as well as the support they later received from some of their colleagues, showed utter disrespect for that principle.

Someone might argue that what I am saying makes the case for Roy Moore having the right to represent the state of Alabama in the U.S. Senate.

I would agree 100% with that suggestion.

If the voters of Alabama do the morally unthinkable and elect Moore, they will have exercised their constitutional right to do so without interference from you or me or anyone else.

That is the price we all pay for being American citizens.

The Gang of Ten chose not to pay it.

Based on the widespread negative reactions of Minnesotans I have heard and read, this display of utter political tone deafness will not be soon forgotten, a fact that significantly diminishes the hopes Democrats may have had for winning back the Senate in 2018.

Can Democrats ever stop shooting themselves in the foot?