I often wonder if the people who support Donald Trump have a breaking point.

I’m not talking about the white Trumpers who are as valueless and immoral as Trump is. I’m thinking of the ones who don’t like Trump as a man, but continue to support him.

Will his corruption, his disregard for telling the truth, his arrogant disregard for the rule of law, his immoral immigration policies, his pettiness, his childishness ever become too much for them to take?

Not that it matters in regard to the coming election. Most of them hate Democrats for supporting a women’s right to choose, marriage equality regardless of sexual orientation, racial equality that ended white privilege, hiring practices that gave people of color a chance to get a job or a promotion, and any other social change they have convinced themselves put them at a disadvantage or violated their moral beliefs.

The question is, will anything Trump says and does between now and November lead them to stay home rather than vote for him? They resent being called ” a cult,” but unless they change how else do we explain such irrational devotion to a man like Trump?

Lately I have been wondering if their support for Trump stems from a deep-rooted angst they feel because of the nation’s serious economic disparity, angst that has turned into anger as that disparity has grown exponentially since the W. Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003?

The word “angst” is often thought to mean “anger,” but its actual meaning is “anxiety” or “insecurity.” It becomes anger when economic inequality grows to the point where people lose hope for a better future, especially for their children.

I think that is what some of Trump’s followers are feeling. Past experience has shown that when people can pay their bills, take a yearly vacation, and send their kids to college, they may not like what the government does, but they don’t want to burn it down.

Nor are they apt to spend much time fuming over social changes they don’t like, begrudgingly accepting what they cannot make disappear.

When everyone is sharing enough of the economic benefits of a nation’s economy to be able to sleep at night, they don’t resent the government helping those who are worse off than everyone else. They don’t use race and citizenship as battering rams to vent their anxieties about the future.

But when money gets tight, jobs are lost, wages are stagnant, health insurance is lost, angst morphs into anger and people begin to look for a way to express it.

Voting for an outlier, for someone who seems as angry as they are, becomes the way they show how they feel about people in power. It is one way they think they can get the attention of the powerful who are enjoying the fruits of a good economy others are not.

As I said, I think some Trump supporters feel this way, certainly not all, perhaps not the majority, but for some a legitimate angst has become anger they believe Trump understands. (He doesn’t, of course, but that’s another story).

When newscaster Sidney Lumet yelled, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” in the 1976 movie, Network,” those words expressed what I think some ordinary Americans were feeling in 2016 that led too many of them to make the mistake of electing Trump.

It made no sense, of course, because neither Trump nor Republicans actually care about them. Trump has proven that he cares only for himself, which is why he is more concerned about the impact of the coronavirus on the stock market than he is about its impact on all of us.

Republicans have proven they care only about people of wealth, which is why they made economic inequality worse in 2015 with the budget-busting tax cut that largely benefited the rich.

What these Trump supporters don’t know or won’t acknowledge is that the responsibility for the economic inequity we now have in this country is not by-partisan.

Republicans are the ones who voted through the tax cuts for the rich and have pursued economic policies that hurt ordinary people. They are the ones who believe trickle-down economics works, when experience has proven that it doesn’t.

This is the great irony among the Trump supporters I am talking about. They support the very people who don’t support them, but this is what happens when angst turns to anger that prevents people from thinking clearly, or thinking at all.

Trump has gone the next step and convinced these people that anyone who believes in reason and logic, facts and evidence, is not only wrong, but their enemy. It is yet another way he uses differences to create divisions.

But in spite of it all, I still wonder if they will someday finally open their eyes and for the first time see just what kind of man he truly is?

I hope they do, I really do, because one day in the not too distant future they will have to face the truth about him and about themselves.

The truth can be ignored, denied, stepped on, spit upon, abused, beaten up, and left for dead, but it always comes back to life and tells the story that needs to be told.

That is going to happen to Trump, and, thus, to everyone who supported him.

What a wonderful day it will be for the country.