The degree of hypocrisy revealed by the Republican response to the FBI search of Trump’s Mar-A-Largo estate has reached a level never before seen in American politics. 

This is the bunch who insisted Hillary Clinton’s handling of her emails should be investigated. Actually it was and she was found to have done nothing illegal. Didn’t matter to Republicans. Remember the chant at the Republican convention, ”Lock her up, Lock her up.” 

One Republican said that if this can happen to Donald Trump, it can happen to any of us. Duh! Of course, it can. That’s the point of no one being above the law. Trump was not the first person to have his home searched by the F.B. I., and he won’t be the last. That’s the way the system works.

Apparently, Republicans have stopped pretending they are somebody they’re not and come out full frontal to declare they don’t support our justice system. Donald Trump has their loyalty rather than the Constitution. What a sorry state of partisan politics.

There have been examples before now when white people in power wanted to be treated above the law. When I was growing up in Virginia, most white people, and certainly anyone in power, were treated as if they were above the laws that were applied to black people. There was no such thing as equality under the law.

Today’s Republicans want to go back to those days. They want Donald Trump to be given special treatment, which translated, means not held accountable for his actions. Some say they are willing to fight in the streets, start a civil war, to defend his right to do whatever he wants without paying the price. 

I believe this is a moment when the rest of us need to tell the Republicans to bring it on, to have at it. A  basic truth all of us must face is that the time has arrived when we must stand up for what we believe and believe in as loyal Americans. 

Frankly, I have heard enough from whiny Democrats (Cuomo and Yang) who have said that Merrick Garland must quickly explain why the search took place lest someone think it was politically motivated. 

Besides the fact that Trump and his Republican defenders are going to claim it was politically motivated no matter what Garland says, who cares what they think or say? It doesn’t matter. What does is that no one is above the law.

If you’re worried about how the FBI search looks, you’re the one playing politics. If you support democracy, support freedom, support equal treatment under the law, you don’t think about whether actions taken on behalf of following the rule of law might be seen as political. You just do your job.

What Trump and Republicans want us to forget is that Donald Trump has already proven that he will break the law if he thinks it serves his interests. We now know he did obstruct justice just as the Mueller Report said he did, and his 2016 campaign illegally solicited Russian help. 

He did exactly what he was accused of doing in his first impeachment trial of trying to coerce Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into meddling in the 2020 campaign. 

He did try to prevent the peaceful transfer of power and bring down our government. 

The simple fact is, Donald Trump is a dishonest, ego-centric man who represents a serious threat to our country. Whatever the FBI was looking for at Mar-A-Largo, you can bet they had good reason to believe it was related to a crime they know Trump committed.

Merrick Garland doesn’t need to explain himself. Donald Trump does. The truth is, the best thing that could happen to America is for him to be put on trial, convicted, and sent to jail. I frankly think there is a good chance that is what we will one day see.

When it does, if the Republicans yell and scream and call Democrats every name in the book and extremist groups threaten civil war, so be it. Freedom and justice have always faced opposition and needed people to show courage in defending them. 

My father taught my brothers and me something I have never forgotten about standing up for yourself. He said, “Never start a fight, and never run from one.”

That is what we, those Americans who reject everything about Trump and Trump Republicanism, must now do. 

We didn’t start this fight to save our nation, save the rule of law, save our democracy, save our way of life, but now that it has been joined, we cannot, must not, and will not run from it.