Don’t be distracted by Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, as important as that is.

That fight is just beginning, and it will be everything we read and hear about soon enough.

Don’t be distracted by Trump’s trip to Europe to meet with EU/NATO leaders, and then his meeting next week with Vladimir Putin. The debacle he will create and the damage he will do will become apparent.

No, don’t be distracted because the real story is what should have been front page news every day for the last several weeks: The President of the United States is a child abuser.

Add to that this salient fact – his policy of separating immigrant children from their parents was and is pure evil.

Not bad policy. Evil policy.

And because Donald Trump initiated it, and his administration has been carrying it out, he and they together are morally deplorable people for it.

Making matters worse, they keep lying about what they did and what they are not doing now.

Two weeks ago Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services, told a Congressional Committee that at the touch of a computer key he could know where every child taken and every incarcerated parent was located.

It was a bald face lie.

Yesterday (Tuesday) the Trump administration told the judge under whose court order they are being compelled to reunite all 102 children under the age of 5 with their parents that it could not meet the deadline he set.

Why? Because they don’t even know where some of them are.

What they said, though, is that they are moving slow to ensure the safety of the children. They might have thought about that when they first took them from their parents without any thought about how they were going to reunite them.

The judge didn’t buy it, and ordered them to get the job done, a voice of righteous indignation speaking truth to power.

This moral tragedy caused by Donald Trump will stand alongside our government’s immoral policy of annihilating native Americans and their culture and the morally bankrupt system of Southern slavery when this period of American history is written.

But for us it is an existential problem that is far more than a government policy.

It is a political and moral crisis that is revealing just how far down the rabbit hole of collective immorality our nation has gone.

That is what our nation should be focused on today. From where I sit everything else pales in comparison.