I just listened to a speech by the Rev. William Barber who I believe is the Martin Luther King, Jr. of today, speaking with moral clarity and poetic beauty unlike anything we have heard since Dr. King was assassinated in 1968.

The critical point Dr. Barber made was the fact that Republicans must be afraid of whites and blacks and Latinos, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, young and old coming together in solidarity to stand up for justice, for peace, for equality of opportunity, for the eradication of poverty, for moral power.

If they were not afraid, he said, they would not engage in voter suppression, spend pornographic sums of money to divide and conquer us, go all the way to Russia for help in winning the election, or hope that 97 million black, white, and Latino voters don’t vote.

As he said, you don’t cheat somebody you can defeat in a fair fight.

And he’s right. Republicans are afraid of voters who think rich people and big corporations don’t need big tax cuts, who believe decent wages is a moral issue and voting rights is a labor issue, to reference Dr. Barber again.

They are afraid of how strong we will be when we come together to work on behalf of compassion and justice and peace.

But those of us who want to make it easier to vote, not harder, easier to earn a livable wage, not harder, easier to get medical help, not harder, must heed the message that it is time to come together in solidarity and purpose.

Those of us who believe Donald Trump is unfit and unqualified to be president are the majority in this country, but we have yet to believe that or understand the power we have because of it.

The time for us to do so is now, not least because there is a divide in our country that has existed since the early 1900s, but which has once again become an moral problem that is demanding our attention.

I call it the wealth divide.

On one side is a small minority of the super-rich, the rich, and the wanna-be rich. On the other side are those of us who are doing well, doing okay, barely getting by, and not getting by at all.

The wealth divide is about who has the power to determine the direction of the country, its policies, and the values by which it makes decisions.

With the rich side of the divide holding power since 2000, even during the Obama years through obstructionism, we got the Bush tax cuts that helped wreck the economy and now the Paul Ryan tax cuts that gives crumbs to one side of the wealth divide and the whole loaf to the other.

The effect is already showing that the rich side of the wealth divide is getting richer while the other side is pretty much staying the same.

But it will get worse as long as Republicans have the power.

That’s because the 1.5 trillion dollar deficit their latest tax cut is beginning to create will soon be used by Republicans, just as they did under Bush in 2005, to justify their goal of taking the crumbs from the rest of us through cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and the like.

It’s all so predictable because we’ve seen it before.

But those of us who are middle income and poor Americans can take away the power of the rich side of the wealth divide to prevent them from having their way.

United we can change things. United we can vote out Republicans.

Power belongs to the majority in a democracy when the majority realizes it, and that is what all of us must see.

So let’s be clear.

The upcoming midterms are not about Democrats verses Republicans.

They are about the majority of Americans on one side of the wealth divide taking power away from the rich side that is currently holding all the power.

The rich side is a minority. We are the majority, and come November we can tell them we are tired of living on the bottom side of the wealth divide.

Only then will we come close to being one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

But NOT as long as Republicans are in power.

In November that can change, if, as Dr. Barber says, we come together now.