Yesterday Donald Trump told reporters he wasn’t to blame for the family separation immigration policy that resulted in the abuse of children.

The Obama administration started it, he insisted, and he ended it.

It was a lie, a damnable lie. He not only did the deed, but blamed it on somebody else. What kind of President does that?

The only appropriate response to what Trump said yesterday is the statement I quoted a couple of weeks ago that Joseph Welch, Special Counsel for the Army, made to Senator Joseph McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

When it comes to Donald Trump, the answer is no. He has no sense of decency. Donald Trump is the most dishonorable man ever to serve as President of the United States.

This is why one of the most frustrating and at the same time dangerous ideas around today is that the political bitterness and divisions in our nation is the fault of both sides (Republicans and Democrats).

How many examples does a person need before they stop saying something so misguided and factually false? Maybe these questions will help.

What previous president has been proven to be a habitual liar as Donald Trump has?

What previous president chose to label immigrants seeking legal asylum in the U.S. murderers and rapists, vermin, or a caravan of stone cold killers?

What previous president publicly called people who criticized him names, made fun of handicapped people, or made jokes about women saying they were sexually assaulted?

What previous president said publicly that he believed what a Russian dictator said over the consensus conclusions of the U. S. intelligence community?

What previous president attacked the freedom of the press by calling the news media the enemy of the people?

What previous president suggested the government form its own state run news media?

What previous president appointed a Cabinet Secretary who made a sweetheart deal with a wealthy Republican donor convicted of child molestation so he didn’t serve any jail time and then lied to the parents of the children about and has now been charged with a crime for doing so?

What previous president said the KKK and white nationalist organizations had good people in them?

Need I go on?

There are literally hundreds of examples that prove, yes, prove, that Donald Trump is morally corrupt and politically unfit to be President, yet I continue to read statements by people who say the problems in this nation are the fault of both sides.

It’s music to Trump’s ears when someone says it. It gives him the cover he needs for the damage he is doing to our government and the chaos he is causing our nation.

Apparently some people believe that because no one is perfect and everyone has flaws, that means there are two sides to our current political crisis.

Every criminal in America loves that argument. I rob a bank and shoot you in the process, but, hey, it’s as much your fault as mine because you’re not a perfect person and have flaws and faults just like I do.

It’s a silly argument that makes the point about another silly argument, that Democrats are as much to blame for the mess in Washington as Republicans are, that Democrats are just as petty and small as Trump is.

We can think better than that. Indeed, we must, because the first step in solving a problem is admitting there is one (literally the first step in AA’s Twelve Step program).

Our nation has a problem and its name is Donald Trump.

He’s not our only problem, and is not the cause of all the others we do have, but Donald Trump is a serious and growing problem for our country and it is time all of us face up to the truth.

We cannot get to any of the other problems until he is gone, nor will we know the full extent of the damage he has done until then.

That has led me to rethink the impeachment of Trump, concluding that I believe it is time for all of us to demand it be done.

Even if Republicans in the Senate resist it now, House Democrats should impeach Trump and make the case to the nation in such a way that public pressure will force Republicans to convict him.

In the name of the thousands, yes, thousands of children he has abused, it must be done (especially since he apparently wants to do it again under a different name).

In an ironic twist, we all do in fact share responsibility for what Trump is doing. If as President he is supposed to represent us, then to allow him to do what he has done and is still doing without consequences makes us culpable.

To save our nation from moral damage beyond repair, we must get rid of him so we can hold up our heads and say to the world, “Yes, we do have some decency. At long last, we do have some decency left.”