Babies without their mothers…toddlers covered in filth…adolescents huddled together scared half to death…children of all ages sleeping on concrete floors with a light thermal cover to keep them warm.

This is the United States of America where we are still witnessing our own government brutalizing immigrant children. How long will this go on before we rise up and declare that enough is enough?

Donald Trump is not only a disgrace to America. He is a disgrace to humanity.

He even lies about what he is doing, not man enough to own his own actions. He’s a little boy pointing his finger at President Obama or Congressional Democrats.

So let’s be clear about the real issue here. Donald Trump is treating immigrant children like they are animals.

Even prisoners of war are entitled to humane treatment under the Geneva Conventions.

My God, what has happened to us!

My God, DON’T forgive them because they know exactly what they are doing.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.

I hope with every fiber of my being that when Trump is out of office he and every official (especially Stephen Miller) involved in these crimes against humanity will be indicted by the International Criminal Court.

That is precisely how Ben Ferencz, an American attorney and the last surviving Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials, describes what Trump is doing:

“Forcing desperate young parents to surrender custody of their weeping children because they were unable to comply with restrictive immigration rules is a disgrace to our great country. Such cruelty should be condemned as a crime against humanity.” (his own tweet – June 20, 2019)

But Trump is not alone. The people supporting him share guilt with him for these crimes against humanity.

They are his “base” to whom he is doing what he is doing because he believes they like it. Well, as far as I’m concerned his base can go to hell. That’s where they belong, right beside him.

Their support for him is their way of saying they don’t give a damn about what is happening to these children.

What kind of people are they?

Trump is an evil man who does not have a moral bone in his body. The people who support him have to be just like him.

There is a point where anything good a person might do is overshadowed by the many horrible things they have done.

Trump reached that point a long time ago, yet his “base” is still with him.

Frankly, they belong in the same category of all the Germans who supported Hitler in the mid 1930s.

What makes our situation worse is the long term damage Trump’s moral depravity will do to our country. Writer Umair Haque described “crimes against humanity” this way:

“The idea is that some crimes are so terrible that they don’t just violate another person’s rights, possessions, belongings. They are a deeper kind of theft. A truer kind of violence. They steal away the deepest thing that we can be said to have. Our humanity. All of ours — victim, perpetrator, bystander, unwilling participant.”

Think about that for a moment. What he is saying is that Trump et al. are committing crimes against all of us, not just the children, and in the process robbing us of our own humanity, damaging our collective soul, destroying the moral center that makes us human.

This is why what we are witnessing is not just one more bad thing Trump is doing. Our very humanity as a people is being assaulted.

Yes, we can throw him out in 2020, a moral imperative as far as I’m concerned, but his legacy will be the stain of immorality he imprinted not simply on our reputation as a nation, but on the character of all of us as a people.

Impeachment talk is appropriately being focused on the crimes Trump committed that are explained in the Mueller Report.

But if the crimes against humanity we are watching Trump commit in brutalizing immigrant children are not grounds for impeachment, nothing is.

I have no doubt the founders would be horrified at Trump’s actions. They would also be appalled at the people who still support him.

If the vast majority of us are not enraged by him and them, we are not worthy heirs of the great dream they had for our country.

They had their moment in history and established something beautiful.

This is our moment in history in which we are faced with preserving what they started or letting Trump and his supporters turn “America, the Beautiful into “America, the Ugly.”