Because most American do not attend church on any regular basis, and neither do most Christians, I realize that writing anything about Christianity has limited appeal.

That said, Christianity as the largest religious tradition in America affects everyone’s life whether they realize it or not. 

That’s important because at this moment a segment of the Christian population is making our collective life as a people worse rather than better. Here’s how. 

Just to be clear, people who identify themselves with a particular religion do not necessarily believe the same things. Not all Jews believe the same thing, not all Muslims believe the same thing, not all Christians believe the same thing, and so forth.

In regard to Christians, the differences are not only stark, but serious in how they impact the public and that is my concern.

What needs to be understood about what evangelicals believe that lies behind the negative influence they are having on the country is one overarching belief, which is that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. 

The implications of that simple belief are profound.

First, it means all of us need to be saved from God’s judgment that will be exacted on us when we die. 

Second, it means Jesus’ death on the cross was and is God’s only way of forgiving our sins. 

Third, it means you have to believe in Jesus to get that forgiveness. 

Fourth, because Jesus is the only savior, it means Christianity is the only true religion.

This is what evangelicals believe above and beyond everything else. It is their core belief.

It is what propels them in their mission to convert the world to Christianity, what they call “the great commission” they believe Jesus gave them according to Matthew 28:1-20: “Go into all the world and make disciples.”

Their beliefs about Jesus combined with their missionary zeal to convert everyone to Christianity is why their political alliance with the Republican Party makes them a bad influence on the nation. I would go further and say it is a dangerous influence.

They support Republican efforts to undermine our democracy, embrace extremism, prevent non-Republicans from voting, limit the rights of LGBTQ Americans and women to make decisions about their own bodies, and everything else Republicans support because what they get in return is accommodation to their religious views.

Evangelicals serve the interests of Republicans politically and in turn Republicans serve the interests of evangelicals religiously. What is more, extremism of either side doesn’t matter as long as each believes its political or religious goals will be realized. 

That is the driving force for evangelical involvement in American politics.

It is also why facts and evidence don’t matter to evangelicals or Republicans because both groups rely on falsehoods in order to stay aligned with each other.

Both groups are corrupt because they believe ends justify means.

What Democrats have to accept is the fact that evangelicals will never support them. The reasons are obvious.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats won’t join evangelical efforts to impose their moral and religious beliefs on the country.

They won’t support the right of evangelicals to discriminate against anyone for any reason in public life in the name of religious freedom.

They won’t fuel the fires of culture wars as Republicans do in order to get evangelical votes. 

And here’s the kicker. Democrats won’t reject the role of science in making decisions about health, the environment, and national security as evangelicals demand. 

The die is cast. Evangelicals and Republicans are joined at the hip that is leading both to become more and more extreme.

Their shared goal is to divide us as a people and, thereby, conquer us politically and religiously.

We must make sure they fail.