It looks as if “stupid” is a very accurate description of American men these days.

It certainly fits Barry Hovis, a Missouri state legislature and former policeman who described most of the sexual assault cases he investigated in his career as involving “consensual rape” during the debate over Missouri’s new anti-choice abortion law.

Hovis later said he misspoke, as if anyone would actually “misspeak” about an oxymoron so stupid that you would know what you said the minute you said it.

Nothing can undo the harm men like Hovis are doing to themselves and everyone around them as they insist on speaking before thinking.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to be patient when ignorance and arrogance are on display so boldly and ubiquitously.

There have been some great men in American history, but there have also been many great women as well, but here’s my theory.

There would have been many more great women had there not been so many less than great men around to keep them in servitude.

What makes that fact even more tragic is that daily we see examples of how much better off our country would be if women had the power men hold.

The whole idea of male hegemony arises out of a caveman mentality that lingers in the minds of men who cannot grow up. Indeed, men in powerful positions continue to reinforce in word and deed the image of men as more about brawn than brains.

Listening to California Congresswoman Katie Porter having to explain to HUD Secretary Ben Carson terms he should have known to do his job was a perfect case in point.

Tp put it bluntly, I think it is insulting to women for men to be involved in decisions about a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body.

No male politician should have a vote on any legislation on the subject. When it comes to reproductive rights, we need to just shut up, sit down, and listen.

This may sound extreme, but frankly it pales in comparison to the extremes we have seen in male dominated Republican controlled legislatures.

What exacerbates the offense of men telling women what they must do with their own bodies is having a President who sees women as sexual objects to be used by egotistical, crass, disgusting men like himself.

So to all the women in my life, and especially to my granddaughters who will be part of the coming generations of women who will rule the world, I apologize for my gender.

You are right to judge all of us by the ones who prove just how stupid men can be when they open their mouths and speak. At some point all men have acted like perpetual adolescents in dealing with women.

But I also want to say that some of us are trying to do better.

That doesn’t excuse the inexcusable rhetoric or behavior of too many male politicians about your lives, but some of us have seen the ugliness of our past and the stupidity of today and genuinely desire to learn from our mistakes.

To any men reading this, listen up. We have pretty much made a mess of the world in every imaginable way.

We have done some good things, but we have done far more bad things and it’s time to stop.

Perhaps the first step can be to leave the hard choice of what to do when faced with an unwanted or medically troubled pregnancy to the women it most directly affects.

Stop thinking your opinion on the subject matters because it doesn’t. It doesn’t because no man has earned the right to speak.

Just the opposite. Doing so is just another example of the male presumption that we have a right to control everything. We don’t. We’re not God. Some of us are not even good men.

So it’s time to stop the charade that abortion gives you and me the right to say anything.

The women in our lives would be much better off if we gave them support instead of advice. It’s the only sensible thing for us to do.

We’re in a hole here, guys, and the least we can do is to stop digging.