Donald Trump is not going to run for a second term.

I hope I’m wrong because the nation both needs and deserves a chance to repudiate his presidency in the November election.

We need the chance to send a clear message to him and everyone who supported him that they are unworthy of representing this country because they do not respect the ideals to which we aspire as a people. But it’s worse than that. They don’t even respect common decency or telling the truth.

And that is why we need the chance the give Trump the beating of his life in November.

But it is looking less and less likely that we will get that chance, with the growing scandal involving Russian bounty on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan while Trump was holding hands with Putin probably the breaking point for his presidency.

Anyone who cares about truth knows Trump is unfit for the office he holds, but the last four years have proven that he is also an incompetent blowhard who couldn’t lead a boy scout troop on a hike.

From his failure of leadership during the coronavirus pandemic to stoking racial divisions in the face of protests for racial justice and police reform to helping the economy by insisting businesses open too soon that are now having to shut back down, Trump is running the country in the ground the way he ran the six companies he led into bankruptcy before he got to Washington.

This time, though, even Republicans who support him only because he is one of them might well turn away after the latest news that he prefers Putin over protecting American soldiers.

The polls are telling the story of a majority of voters having had enough of this small man-child being in the White House.

Since he was inaugurated I have followed Nate Silver’s Five Thirty-Eight polling on Trump’s approval/disapproval ratings literally every day. Within a few months, a pattern in his ratings set in and has changed not more than a couple of percentages up or down for the entire time…until the last three weeks

As of this writing, Trump’s approval rating is 40% and his disapproval rating is at an all-time high of 56%.

That is something new, dramatically new. His disapproval ratings have averaged between 8 to 10 percent higher than his approval ratings. A few times they have gone up or down by 4 or 5 points, but always settling back into the old pattern within a few days.

For the past three-plus weeks things have changed. Trump’s numbers have gotten worse than ever before and have stayed that way. I expected them to readjust to the old pattern, but thus far it hasn’t happened.

These numbers are now being reflected in almost every poll being taken. Trump is losing, and losing big by historical standards at this point in the presidential race.

According to a recent Gallop Poll analysis comparing Trump with past presidents seeking re-election, he stands at the lowest point than any of them at this point in the campaign, and also is the only one never to achieve a 50% or above approval rating at any point in his presidency. 

The facts are unequivocal. Trump has never been as popular as past presidents going all the way back to Franklin Roosevelt, but is way ahead of them in public disapproval ratings.

With this latest shocking scandal these trends are likely to get even worse for Trump, exacerbating his extreme narcissism that will drive him to find an exit ramp to avoid the humiliating defeat that is coming.

The most likely scenario is his declaring that he will not run again because, after all, he has been the greatest President in history, doing more in four years than others have done in eight, and on top of that the Democrats are poised to rig the election against him.

I hope this does not happen because the nation needs a Trump catharsis, that process of releasing our pent-up anger and disgust at this great pretender of a political leader, “thereby providing relief from [these] strong or repressed emotions.”

We truly need that moment when the body politic fights back with its right to vote and overwhelmingly rejects Trump and everything about him and his presidency.

But, alas, we may not get it, yet all may not be lost if we don’t.

Another Trump cathartic moment may come when we see Trump in court being charged with numerous crimes he committed before and during his presidency, or it may come when he is humiliated before the whole world as the International Criminal Court charges him for crimes against humanity for separating families and putting children in cages.

Sooner or later, then, the great American catharsis is coming, and when it does the nation’s collective sigh of relief will reverberate around the world.