A post-Trump America will face having to cope with the damage to our nation that we are witnessing right now.

Last week I talked about the divisions being deepened by the Catholic Church and evangelicals who refuse to accept the reasonable compromise on abortion Roe v. Wade represents.

But there is another issue that makes the views of Trump voters/supporters even more mind boggling, one that will have a post-Trump effect beyond anything we have yet imagined.

It is Donald Trump’s complete and total disregard for telling the truth.

The only honest thing Trump has done is to earn the reputation of being a serial liar. The examples now number in the thousands, the latest being his phony “Spygateā€¯ story even Fix News that helped start it is now disavowing.

Think about what I am saying. The President of the United States has the reputation of not telling the truth, of lying about anything and everything.

The President is not just anybody. He represents our nation. He symbolizes our form of government, and is suppose to espouse the values on which our Republic was founded.

But what this President is known for more than anything else is that he does not tell the truth.

This is not about political spin, or presenting a point of view that makes him look good rather than bad. We are talking about telling untruths, openly lying, saying things he knows are not true.

But this isn’t just about Trump. It is also about the people who voted for him and still support him.

Because 84% of Republicans make up the 40% of voters who approve of the job Trump is doing, this is also about the Republican Party and its descent into political expediency beyond anything we have seen before.

The implications of 40% of Americans approving of the job a serial liar is doing as President are stunning.

Let me put it in context.

There was a time when we used to teach our children to always tell the truth, be honest, don’t lie, to remember that your personal integrity is more important than success or fame or money.

My, how times have changed.

I wonder what the parents who are in that 40% who approve of the job Trump is doing are teaching their children about telling the truth.

How could they with a clear conscious and a straight face tell their children always to be honest?

I would especially love to ask any Christian parent who supports Trump that question.

Do they believe Roe v. Wade is so bad that it justifies giving up their moral right to teach their children to tell the truth?

What about the rest of the Trump voters/supporters? Do they hate Democrats and liberals so much that they no longer believe telling the truth is important?

No one who cares about telling the truth can deny Trump has no regard for doing that himself. In his mind truth is whatever he says it is.

So people who support Donald Trump are unavoidably guilty by association of having the same low standard of integrity he has.

I think it is deeply, deeply troubling to think about what lasting impact there will be in after Trump is gone that 40% of the nation’s adults said by supporting him that they no longer believe in telling the truth.

Spin it as they might, there is no way they can escape being entangled in the web of lies and deceit Donald Trump’s presidency represents.

Every lie he tells, every distortion of the truth he offers, because they are his enablers, envelops them in his moral depravity, in his lack of personal honesty and integrity.

And all the while the nation’s children are watching.

I wish in a post Trump America we would be able to erase what they are witnessing from their memories, but like all the other damage being done, that will not be possible.

Instead, we will have to do our best to regain their trust as we try to rebuild the moral foundations of our national character so many Americans helped to erode by supporting a President who did not believe in telling the truth.