In a widely viewed clip from the HBO series, “Newsroom,” Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, is on a panel taking questions from a large audience of college students, one of whom asks the three panel guests why they think America is the greatest country in the world.

The liberal immediately responds, “diversity and opportunity.” The conservative says, “freedom and freedom, so let’s keep it that way.”

McAvoy says nothing. Finally the panel host says, “Will, why is…” when he is interrupted by McAvoy who blurts out, “It’s not the greatest country in the world. That’s my answer.” The host responds, “You’re saying” but is again interrupted by McAvoy who emphatically says, “yes.”

In the next three minutes McAvoy explains his answer and silences the room in the process. Why? Because he told the truth.

If I were asked that question I would give the same answer Will McAvoy gave because it’s true. We’re not the greatest country in the world, for many reasons, but none more important than this one.

We have a President who initiated an immigration policy that has inflicted unimaginable pain and suffering on immigrant babies and children. Thousands of them, in fact. Thousands!

In a shockingly callous immoral act, Donald Trump ordered babies and children to be taken from their mother’s arms and sent to other places, other cities, other states. Their parents were jailed and/or sent back to their native country.

Reunification is becoming less and less possible, as a statement in court documents filed on February 1 of this year made clear:

“The Trump administration did not dispute a recent Office of Inspector General report that concluded there may have been thousands more children torn from parents under the administration’s family separation policy. The government also argued that it would take too long to figure out where those children currently are because it had no tracking system.”

There are no words that can fully capture the malevolence of what Trump did, made even worse by the fact that he denies it happened.

Yet, and here’s the clincher, this man came before the nation Tuesday night and dared to talk about the state of the union, Republicans adding insult to injury by standing to cheer the things he was saying.

The appearance of normalcy his State of the Union address represented says all we need to know about the moral crisis America is in.

Donald Trump and his administration committed crimes against humanity for which I hope all of them will be charged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague once he is out of office, yet people listened to him Tuesday evening as if he possessed the moral credibility to say anything to the nation.

How can every American not know that what Trump did to those children – children, I remind you – stripped him of any moral credibility for the rest of his presidency, and the rest of his life.

He should be forever remembered as the President of the United States who abused, punished, and permanently damaged babies and children.

Incredibly this man is still President, with some 37% of the American public still supporting him. Here is what that means.

– Thirty-seven percent of Americans do not believe hurting children rises to the level of moral outrage sufficient to cause them to stop supporting the man who committed the crime.

– Some of them believe making those children suffer was justified in trying to stop immigrants from coming here.

– Others of them believe that even if abusing children is a bad thing, Trump is still doing other things they like that justifies their support.

These scenarios are not made up, they are what people are actually saying about where they stand. It all makes me feel like my head is going to explode.

Adding to the moral debacle we face as a country because of Trump is the fact that his actions fit a historical pattern for past nations and civilizations that have declined.

One example some people don’t like to talk about, but could not be a more appropriate analogy is what Hitler did before he sent Jews to their deaths in concentration camps.

He ordered Jews to be “branded and forcibly deported into small, cramped quarters, often segregated from the rest of the city with walls or barbed wire.”

The first city ghetto was in Lodz, Poland, where over 155,000 Jews were imprisoned behind barriers and barbed wire. Soon there were hundreds of similar “ghettos” throughout Europe.

Donald Trump’s internment camps for babies and children ripped from the arms of their mothers and put in wired cages is America’s version of the same thing, violating a basic moral principle by which any decent person or nation lives – treat other children the way you would want your own children to be treated.

Does anyone with a moral conscience believe Donald Trump did that?

How, then, in the name of common decency, not to mention in the name of God, can anyone support him? Do we no longer have any capacity for moral outrage as Americans?

Of course, some people will say, “Wait a minute. I don’t like Trump, but I do respect the office he holds.”

Really? How is showing respect for Trump because of the office he holds not the moral equivalent of being complicit in supporting the moral depravity that is destroying the very office you claim to respect?

Here is what I think the evidence makes unambiguously clear. Donald Trump is not only a moral blight on America’s soul. He is a cancer that is killing everything good and right about us.

As long as we show him any respect, tolerate his lies and his behavior for one more minute, and treat his presidency as if it is normal, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the continued pain and suffering he is causing.