Tuesday’s election in my native Virginia proved that there really is divine justice, or perhaps that the arch of the moral universe actually does bend toward justice, or perhaps that there is such a thing as an old fashion “comeuppance.”

Frankly, I think all three of these descriptions fit what happened, the perfect example being what happened to House of Delegate member, Bob Marshall.

All you really need to know about Marshall is that he relishes calling himself Virginia’s “Chief Homophobe.”

He is not just an evangelical and political conservative. He wears prejudice and bigotry as badges of honor.

But lightning struck on Tuesday and Marshall lost his seat to Danica Roem, a transgender woman he had demeaned and to whom he had been openly disrespectful.

Marshall was the chief architect of the anti-gay marriage amendment to the state constitution that was rendered void by the 2015 Supreme Court ruling.

Last year he submitted his own version of the now infamous “bathroom bills” conservatives are pushing across the country, only his was particularly pernicious, even requiring public school officials to notify parents if they suspect a child is transgender.

The bill did not pass, but Marshall, of course, took great pride in being the one who proposed it.

That is what makes Danica Roem’s victory so sweet. What is more, she trounced him by 10 percentage points.

It was a dramatic anti-Trump statement, not only because of Marshall’s views on issues, but the fact that he is Virginia’s own version of Donald Trump and the people of the 13th district said they had had enough of both.

So this election was not just another light in the darkness that has come over the nation since Trump’s election.

It was – and is – a veritable beacon of hope.

It was a bold statement to Trump and Trump supporters that their days are numbered because their values do not represent the kind of America the rest of us believe in and want.

This is why Tuesday’s election was a lift to the nation’s morale.

We the people said unequivocally that we have had enough of the “slime” Trump throws at anyone and everyone who criticizes him.

We’ve had enough of his irresponsible words and behavior and his lack of competent leadership.

We’ve had enough of his doing whatever he wants regardless of laws, protocols, or even common decency as if our country is one of his businesses.

To be sure, what happened Tuesday doesn’t mean Trumpism has been completely defeated. It hasn’t.

More hard work lies ahead, but this one thing we know.

While it is not yet morning in America again, the dawn is a little closer today than it was a week ago.