A Vote For America

I believe that in this year’s presidential/congressional election the majority of us will prove that America is better than Donald Trump and congressional Republicans.

Of course, beliefs are by nature not facts, which means I may be wrong about usĀ (by the way, I discuss the nature of beliefs in my new book).

It is possible that Trump is a reflection of the kind of people we have become, and equally possible that he isn’t.

I choose to believe the latter, that Trump is a reflection of a minority of Americans, not the majority.

Thus, I believe we are morally better as a people than Trump is as a person.

That we are more compassionate as a people than Trump is as a president.

That we are more concerned about the well-being of all of us than Trump is about any of us.

That we want more from a president than the crude, ugly, bombastic, caustic, childish rhetoric and behavior we get with Trump.

We all know that our country is far from perfect, that as a people we have never lived up to our own ideals, have tolerated the intolerable too much, and are prone to making political mistakes we live to regret.

Donald Trump and the Republican majority in the Senate are the biggest ones yet.

But in November we will have the chance to make up for them, to correct the mistake we made, to show once again that we are a better people than Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have shown themselves to be.

To do that we must resist getting discouraged about the current circumstances we are facing. That is exactly what Trump, Republicans, and the Russians want us to do.

We must reject the temptation, choosing instead to stand together and speak with one voice in declaring that America is a good nation and we are a good people.

If we stay firm and stand together we will win a critical and beautiful victory in November that the whole world will celebrate with us.

So let me say it again: I honestly, truly, absolutely, categorically believe that America is better than Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, and, come November, we will prove it.

This must be the primary focus of our lives for the next nine months. Yes, we have families to care for and work to do, but replacing Trump and his Republican enablers is the most important responsibility we have at the moment.

Failure is not an option. We must and we can achieve a great victory for ourselves, and more importantly, for our children and grandchildren and all future generations of Americans.

They are counting on us. We will hand to them the country they deserve by showing what kind of people we truly are when we vote.

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