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I have struggled to write a blog over the last week. I wrote three, actually, none of which suitably came together for me to post.

When I set it all aside to see if my scrambled thoughts would coalescence into something coherent, I finally realized that my problem was that I needed to scream, so beware, here goes.

Donald Trump is a lecherous, dishonest, self-absorbed autocrat who tried to end our democracy by persuading Republicans to ignore the Constitution and declare him the winner of the 2020 election.

We all know the reason he said they should was because the election had been rigged against him, a proven lie many times over, a lie he began to suggest before the election was even held.

On his current campaign website he promises that if elected again he will purge the government, colleges and universities, and all institutions of what he describes as the “radical Left and Marxist maniacs”. Anybody with any sense knows his words are code for using the powers of the presidency to exact revenge on everyone who has criticized and opposed him.

But here is my real rage. According to a recent ABC News poll nearly half the country says they will vote for him in 2024 if he is the Republican nominee.

What I want to say to anyone who is in that group is that you are a traitor to your country. You are supporting a man who tried to pull off a coup the last time he was in office. That makes you a part of his effort to destroy our democracy.

If you say Trump was just trying to right a wrong because the election was fraudulent, you are as dishonest as he is. When the evidence of something not being true is overwhelming and comes from difference sources in different forms and you still say it is true, you are using a lie to cover up your un-American and anti-American political opinions.

If you believe he cares about you, you are the biggest chump in the world. Trump wouldn’t give you a drink of water if you were dying of thirst. He doesn’t know your name and doesn’t want to. When he tells you if they come after him, they will soon come after you, he’s telling you a lie. Nobody is coming after you and nobody is coming after him.

If the government did come after you, you can bet Trump wouldn’t be around to help you. He’d be playing golf at one of his lavish country clubs without giving you a thought.

We know what Trump did to stop the peaceful transfer of power. That is not in doubt. The only question now is whether or not he will be held legally responsible for what he did.

I believe he will be. In fact, I believe he will go to jail for it. If he does, you can bet he will ask you for money to fight to have the verdict overturned. But what matters is, he did what he did regardless of the legal side of it. That is no more in doubt than the fact that his claim that the election was rigged is a bald face lie.

If you are a Trump supporter, you have given up your right to enjoy the privilege and advantages of living in a free nation because what you’re doing is trying to destroy freedom for everyone but yourself.

That makes you as self-centered as he is. You want freedom for yourself, but not for anyone like me who finds your views and actions contemptible.

That is not what it means to be an American. It’s call fascism, a word whose meaning you should learn because it’s what you have chosen to be a part of with Trump.

I realize that nothing I am saying will make any difference to you, mainly because you will never read it. But I hope people who share my views will read it and realize even more just how dangerous you have become to your own country.

Donald Trump is a traitor, a former president who betrayed his oath of office in an attempt to establish himself as president in perpetuity. In other words, he tried to replace American democracy with a Trump dynasty.

The very fact that he can run again is a testimony to the democracy he and you hate and want to destroy. So is the fact that you will be able to vote in 2024. It’s why you haven’t been arrested and put on trial for criticizing the government and calling for its overthrow.

This democracy you decry as corrupt and overreaching, this democracy you say you want to leave you alone, is the same democracy you go running to for help when the wind blows your house down, a flood drowns your crops, an ambulance takes you to the hospital, your medical bills get paid by Medicare or Medicaid, you get a Social Security check.

Trump will go down in history not only ranked as the worst president the United States ever had, he will be listed among the tyrants of the world he admired and wanted so badly to be like. And you will have the distinction of having been right there with him all the way.

The truth is, neither you nor Trump deserves the freedoms you abuse to your own selfish ends. Both of you will go to your graves having been known as people who spit in the face of your own country while living under the protection of a democratic freedom to do so again and again.

That’s a legacy of shame I wish I could scream about from the rooftop.

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