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Have you ever heard of the “medical deferred action” program conducted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)?

No? Well me neither, that is, until this week when it was discovered that the Trump administration was eliminating it without public notification.

“Medical deferred action” is a government funded program that allows immigrants who are here on a temporary visa to receive treatment when they get sick or discover they have a life threatening, often rare, disease.

The program also grants permission for migrants to stay here when they are seeking asylum because of a child with a disease not treatable in their country of origin.

In the last few days the USCIS sent these people letters telling them they had 33 days to get out of the country. Period.

No questions asked. No appeals. All medical treatment for their children must stop and they have to leave.

Why would Trump do this in the name of our country?

Nobody knows. When the press started asking question, USCIS even lied about the whole thing by saying that ICE was taking over the program and could answer all questions about it.

ICE officials say they know nothing about it and have no plans to take anything over.

Again, why reach this level of moral depravity, literally sentencing children to their deaths when our medical community is saving them?

There is really only one answer to this question: It’s old fashion meanness.

There are so many words to describe Trump and his administration, none of them positive, but at this point I think the word “mean” says it all.

“Meanness” is defined as “base, contemptible, selfish, acting with malice,” to name a few of its meanings.

What is more, “meanness” always lacks reason or purpose. It is something that is done for the sake of doing it.

That is the kind of presidential leadership we now have.

This president and his administration practice meanness with no conscience whatsoever, most often directed at immigrants and their children.

It wasn’t enough to put the children in cages. If they are sick, he now wants to send them away to die.


It’s all so incomprehensible, so arbitrary, without purpose, mean, ugly, inhumane

And every American who supports Trump, every single one, is supporting this meanness.

The rest of us never imagined that Trump and his supporters could become such a disgrace to everything good about America, and about being American.

Now that we know they are, we will not let it stand.

On November 3, 2020, we will defeat this awful man, his awful administration, and his awful supporters.

We will do it for many reasons, but paramount among them will be the children they hurt, the children they abused, the children they wanted to throw away.

On that great day the real America will rise up again, turn the tables on these ugly Americans and tell them to go back to where they came from.

There is no complacency among us this time. We know what is at stake.

We are determined, we are strong, and we are many.

And we will show them and the world that we are not a mean nation, that our heart is good, that even though we are not perfect, we are better than Trump and his supporters who betrayed everything we believe and believe in as true Americans.


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