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Brutalizing children is still the most critical issue we are facing as a country and reason enough to remove Donald Trump from office today.

That said, another issue that needs the attention of every anti-Trump voter is what happened in the second Democratic debate last week.

I am, of course, speaking of Kamala Harris’s attack on Joe Biden.

Apparently a lot of people loved it, and the news media declared her the “big winner.” I guess that depends on the standards by which they are measuring winning.

By my standards, I don’t think she was the “big winner” at all. Just the opposite. I think Kamala Harris was the BIG LOSER in what she did, and with her the Democratic Party as a whole going forward.

What I saw was Kamala Harris shamelessly exploiting the issue of race to score a cheap political point.

I don’t say this because I support Biden’s run for the nomination. I don’t, not at all.

But I support even less attacking his record as a liberal Democrat who has fought long and hard for racial justice throughout his political career.

Kamala Harris knew better, which is why she began her attack by saying she didn’t believe Biden was a racist.

That, of course, was a political ploy she used to open the door to implying he was the racist she said he wasn’t, as if his refusal to support busing in the 1970s defined his civil rights record.

I lived through the years she was talking about and I can tell you that many liberals opposed school busing even though they strongly supported and worked for integrated schools and racial justice.

I remember both white and black parents being very upset about busing in their city or area that had elementary children (black and white) boarding a bus at 7:30 in the morning and not getting home until 4:30 in the afternoon.

The fact is, busing turned put to be exactly what its honest critics said it was, a terrible way to correct an equally terrible problem of school segregation, which is why it was eventually abandoned as a method for achieving school desegregation.

Did racists oppose busing, too? Absolutely they did, but that did not make everyone a racist who did, but by the standard Harris applied to Biden, it did.

That’s just plain wrong. Joe Biden’s time as a Democratic leader may have come and gone, but he has been on the right side of racial justice as long as he has been a distinguished Democratic leader.

Does anyone seriously believe Barack Obama would have asked him to be his Vice-President had his views on busing been the serious issue Harris made it out to be?

Simply put, Joe Biden deserved better than what he got from Kamala Harris, and that says more about her than it ever will about him.

We hear it said often by reporters and commentators that no Democratic candidate can win in 2020 without the black vote.

I think that is a good thing.

But what is equally true is that no Democratic candidate can win without the white vote as well, including white Democratic men.

I think that is also a good thing.

It means Democrats need each other, every faction of the party, every person in the Party.

We must unite to ensure that we defeat Donald Trump next year.

I just hope Kamala Harris realizes this, because if she doesn’t she will end up contributing to Democrats losing an election the country needs us to win.

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